Action Plans

WISE places VET business partnerships at the heart of the project creating a conduit between actors in the STEM entrepreneurship development ecosystem in UK, Germany, Norway and Ireland.  By creating a VET Regional Partnership Plan (O1) in each region, we respond to the need to develop more strategic and integrated use of open education resources in education and training systems. Our Regional Partnership approach seeks to provide an important platform to create and deepen ongoing relationships between diverse institutions working in vocational education and training in innovation and entrepreneurship. It nurtures a shared commitment to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in STEM by transforming their access to and the quality of the training they receive from entrepreneurship VET institutions.   In particular Regional Partnerships have the capacity to support and disseminate the project’s presence and reach within our region and fulfils the EU Commission thinking on regional partnership structures: –

“Any public intervention aiming to further develop a sector calls for cross-sectoral fertilisation. This requires the development and testing of better business support instruments and policies that aim to facilitate cross-sectoral linkages and spill-overs. It implies fostering change amongst the sectors themselves while adding new skills and competencies.”  – EU Commission

This Regional Partnership Plan can be utilized by academic actors, higher education policy makers as well as by business actors, organizations and chambers. It facilitates the creation of the conditions and organizational connections that are essential for the processes promoting Women Entrepreneurs in STEM.